BizTalk Enhancements


According to wikipedia, BizTalk “enables companies to integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents such as purchase orders and invoices between disparate applications, within or across organizational boundaries”. See this link for more details about this software product from Microsoft.

In providing business-to-business processing for its large client base, QLogitek was using an older version of BizTalk Server. The company wanted to take advantage of the increased functionality of BizTalk Server 2010 and the opportunity to replace a decade of customized enhancements with functionality built into the core version of BizTalk 2010. An upgrade project was launched in 2010.

I developed a WCF-SQL DB Loader Adapter for the BizTalk 2010 implementation using Visual Studio 2010 (C#).

The project was part of Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP) program. The development team leader for this project was invited to showcase this technology to Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. It was, to quote the development team leader, “a good chance to show our core knowledge (Doug’s DB Load Pipeline Component using XSD Schema) thru new BizTalk Framework”.

Microsoft previously featured this technology in a case study.


I participated in a program to re-engineer and improve QLogitek’s key business-to-business application suite, which at that time was based on Microsoft’s BizTalk 2000 server. The project was initiated to automate the detection and resolution of error conditions that would otherwise have had to be dealt with by administrative staff. The application changes resulted in significant cost savings to QLogitek.

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