Merchant Payment Portal

2006, 2007, 2010/11

This QLogitek project has had a number of sponsors, and development has taken place over a number of time periods. My involvement with this project has been both as a developer and as the manager of the Quality Assurance team.

The Merchant Payment Service (MPS) is a bilingual, Internet-based system offering merchants the opportunity to provide payment services through a single web-enabled payment application (portal). It uses Microsoft SQL Server and is coded in the C# programming language. The operating environment is Microsoft .NET. As a payment service, there are interfaces to payment processors.

My initial involvement with this project was to produce a Microsoft.NET-based working demonstration/proof of concept (POC) for presentation to a provincial government. In this role, I programmed and also directed the work of a number of developers to integrate their software into the POC. At the time, the technologies included Visual Studio.NET 2003, SQL Server 2000, and Web Services. The proof of concept was successfully presented shortly after the development period.

I worked on other assignments and rejoined the Merchant Payment Portal project. My new role involved co-ordinating all aspects of the internal testing process. I researched, recommended and implemented both test case management/defect tracking (TestLog) and automated testing software (WatIN). In addition, I managed a team of 4 testers, developed testing standards and guidelines, and authored and executed hundreds of test cases.

During the most recent phase of development, I again led the Quality Assurance (QA) team. In this capacity, I developed and implemented a custom PHP/MySQL web-based application to manage test case preparation, execution, reporting and defect tracking. I hired and managed 2 testers to assist in QA. At this time, I also implemented Selenium as one of our automated testing tools. To create a large volume of transactions, I wrote C# code to load randomly generated data from Excel and process that data through the MPS application, logging the results from each step as it was executed.

The application is currently being marketed by QLogitek.

Merchant Payment Portal

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